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Deliciously rich and creamy, our Single Origin Dark Hot Chocolate Eggs are made to melt into your cup, or simply enjoyed on their own. Crafted from sustainably sourced 70% single-origin cocoa, the miniature chocolate eggs aren’t the work of a rare chocolate-laying hen, but of cocoa farmers in Togo. The beans are sourced from a female-run cocoa farm, employing over 136 employees most of which are female. Their hard work has helped their local communities to grow, having built a school to support the female workers whilst they are in employment. Back in the UK, the chocolate is roasted, chonched, tempered and hand-foiled in a solar-powered, family-run chocolate factory, then delivered to us in Piccadilly.Bold notes of rich chocolate mousse are followed by creamy buttermilk. Theres a subtle fruity freshness with hints of macadamia nuts and a maple-like sweetness. To create the perfect hot chocolate, remove the foil and carefully melt two eggs – one at a time – in 220ml of hot milk of choice. Whisk continuously until melted and serve in a small cup.Weight: 144g

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